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Tips to Make Your Room Free from Musty and Damp Smells and Make it Smell Good

A comfortable and cool bedroom is one that is neatly arranged and decorated with wall decorations or other unique items. However, what if a room that cool smells musty?

Well, for those of you who are looking for tips on how to make your room fragrant and free from musty smells, here we will provide tips on making a room free from musty and humid smells into fragrant ones. Keep reading this article until the end as follows.

Tips for Making a Room Free from Musty and Damp Smells

For those of you who want to live a healthy life, take small steps like keeping your room clean by making it free from musty and damp smells. Follow these steps:

1. Keep the Room Clean

To make the room free from musty and damp smells, of course, the cleanliness of the room must be considered. Given that dirt and dust can enter from anywhere, it is possible that dirt and dust can enter from the dirty clothes you wear. In addition, the sheets must also be kept clean.

You can change the sheets and pillowcases as often as possible. This is because when we sleep, our bodies definitely sweat, so this is the cause and it will also make germs grow. You can change the sheets 3 to 4 times a week.

2. Open the Bedroom Window

There are many benefits that we get when opening the bedroom window in the morning. This will maintain air circulation so that the room is not stuffy. In addition, sunlight entering the room will reduce the risk of the room becoming damp. It is better to do this every day, besides keeping the room from smelling, you will also get other health benefits.

3. Use Room Fresheners, Sheets, and Carpets

It is very common for the most common action taken when the bedroom smells is to use a room freshener. However, it is better if besides using a room freshener, you can also give a fragrance to fabrics such as blankets, sheets, bedroom curtains, and also carpets.

4. Do Not Pile Dirty Clothes in the Room

Piles of dirty clothes in the room will also make the room smell musty. For that, you can get used to not piling dirty clothes in the bedroom. In addition, you should not put wet clothes in the room, such as towels or wet wipes because this will also make your room smell.

5. Clean the Trash Can

For those of you who have a mini trash can in the room, you should clean the trash can as often as possible. This will minimize the occurrence of unpleasant odors in your room. It is better again and it should be remembered that you should not throw wet garbage in the trash can, if you have already thrown it away, you can wash it and then you can use it again.

Well, those are 5 tips on making a room free from musty and damp smells into fragrant ones that you must try. By applying the methods above, it will allow the room to smell fragrant again and free from musty smells. Hopefully this article will provide benefits for its readers.