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How to Get Rid of Paint Smell Quickly and Naturally

How to remove the smell of paint such as wood paint and oil, can be done using a relatively simple method. This is also quite important to know, because the smell of used paint often makes the occupants of the house uncomfortable. This is because paint contains chemicals that can evaporate in the air.

In fact, these vapors can affect health, starting from disrupting breathing, headaches, and even eye irritation. Especially if you use concentrated oil paint purchased retail.

This type of paint has a sharper aroma and is difficult to remove. So, how long does it take for the paint smell to disappear? Usually around 1 week.

So that it disappears more quickly, here are several ways you can do it.

Here's How to Get Rid of Paint Smell Quickly

1. Open Windows and Doors

How to get rid of the smell of paint can actually be done before the painting process begins. To reduce the impact of the smell of paint, you can open the windows and doors in your house during the painting process.
Especially windows and doors that lead directly to the outside of the house. The goal is to ensure that air circulation in the room runs smoothly. On the other hand, make sure the doors or windows in the house are tightly closed. This is intended so that the paint aroma does not spread throughout the other rooms.

2. Turn off the AC

Unlike a fan which can expel odors, on the other hand, an AC will only make the air circulate in the room. Therefore, it is best to turn off this air conditioner, both when painting and for a few days after.

3. Turn on the fan

Apart from turning off the AC, try to turn on the fan during the painting process. Using a fan can expel odors and indirectly help the drying process faster. This method can also be used as a way to remove the smell of wood paint.

4. Use Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic can be used as a way to get rid of strong paint odors. Simply halve the onions and place them in opposite corners of the room, with the split sides facing up. The strong aroma of onions is thought to be able to neutralize and absorb the smell of paint around it.
Interestingly, onions will not make the room smell like onions, so they are quite safe to use. Meanwhile, hang a few cloves of garlic in the newly painted room. Similar to onions, garlic also has a sharp aroma.
The aroma is able to dispel the smell of wall paint, wood or oil. For maximum results, you can hang these two onions right in front of the fan.

5. Use Lemon and Pineapple

Other natural ingredients that can be used to repel the smell of paint are lemon and pineapple. All you have to do is cut the lemon and pineapple into two or four parts, then place them at several points and leave them overnight.
Apart from leaving it alone, lemon slices can also be squeezed and mixed with water, then sprayed throughout the room. The fresh aroma of lemon and pineapple can circulate the odors in the house.

6. Use White Vinegar

Have white vinegar in the kitchen? If so, this natural ingredient can be used as a way to quickly get rid of the smell of paint in your house. Provide a container of white vinegar, then store the container not far from the room that has just been painted.
Then, leave the container containing the vinegar overnight, then the pungent smell of the paint will reduce a little. While using vinegar, open windows and ventilate the room to speed up the process of neutralizing the paint smell.

7. Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are known to have a sharp and quite pungent aroma. Therefore, coffee grounds can be used as a way to remove the smell of wood paint, oil paint or wall paint.
The application method is easy, you only need to store coffee grounds in a certain container. Then, keep a container containing coffee grounds in the middle of the room that has just been painted. Leave and close the room tightly. Wait overnight until the coffee smell replaces the paint smell.

8. Use Baking Soda

The next way to get rid of the paint smell is using baking soda. Try keeping several open boxes of baking soda indoors, or fill several shallow bowls with baking soda and place them throughout the room. If the painted room is carpeted, sprinkle the carpet with a thin layer of baking soda and let it sit for several hours. When finished, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

9. Use Charcoal

The next way to get rid of the smell of wood paint or oil paint is to place a basin of charcoal in the middle of the room. Save the container or basin for one night.
This method is considered quite effective because charcoal is able to absorb strong aromas. Apart from that, charcoal can also absorb other substances, such as oil and stubborn stains. This way, the paint smell in the room will disappear in just 1-2 hours!

10. Mix salt water and fragrance

How to remove the smell of wood, oil and wall painting this is very easy, because you only need a salt water solution. It is believed that salt water can absorb the very strong smell of paint.
The application is practical, just dissolve the salt in a bucket of water, then place it in the middle of the room. Also add a little laundry detergent to the water.
Choose a strong fragrance such as vanilla. The aroma of vanilla is not only delicious for food, but its fragrance is effective in absorbing odors. That's an easy way to get rid of the smell of paint that you can try.